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Steel Bridge Pin Ultrasonic Testing

TISEC specializes in the nondestructive testing of eye bar pins, trunnion shafts, guide rollers, link pins, and bearing pins in steel bridges. Our certified ultrasonic nondestructive testing personnel provide complete volumetric coverage of pin shoulders, barrels, and shear planes from the exterior faces of the bridge pins. PINUT complements bridge maintenance programs by providing quantitative data on fatigue cracks, wear grooves at shear planes, pitting clusters, and general corrosion.

Our bridge pin inspection procedure exploits the powerful focusing capabilities of phased array ultrasound. From the pin exterior face, ultrasound is focused through the volume of the pin to maximize the amount of ultrasound reflected from defects located at various depths from the exterior face. Where conventional ultrasound requires multiple transducers and limited coverage, phased array ultrasound requires a single transducer and offers complete coverage. Inspections are now completed timely and affordably.

A steel pin of comparable material, diameter, and length is used to calibrate the instrument. The calibration pin has machined reflectors with different sizes at random locations. Transducer scanning can be conducted in several approaches. Live-overall scanning and Snapshot-topical scanning are most recommended.

Our American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) certified inspectors have complementary training in fall protection, highway safety, railway safety, and confined space safety. With over 300 bridges tested to date, we have a proven track record for high quality nondestructive testing services and safety.