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Structural Insights® worldwide group of engineering and inspection companies specialize in nondestructive evaluation and infrastructure assessment. Our products and services are used to ensure the structural integrity of load-bearing and pressurized engineering systems. These engineering systems are found throughout the civil, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas and military infrastructures.

The inspections and reports provide the owner with crucial information on the state of the structure, and identify possible points of failure. Using advanced equipment, traditional inspection methods, the assessment helps the owner in managing their structure more cost effectively without jeopardizing the structure's integrity, saving owners the cost of untimely and unnecessary repairs and expensive downtime.

Acoustic Emission

Acoustic emission is a cost-effective and sensitive method for monitoring the integrity of load-bearing structures and pressurized systems. It monitors large areas and, if necessary, difficult-to-access areas. Once defect indications are observed, acoustic emission is backed up by other nondestructive testing methods.

Nondestructive Testing

We offer a wide range of nondestructive testing services. The group of companies specialize in acoustic emission and ultrasonic testing with backup from all the main NDT methods including magnetic particles, penetrants, eddy currents, radiography and visual inspection with certified personnel. These inspection services are applied to structures as diverse as pressure vessels and bridges.

Reliability and Safety Engineering

Our engineering personnel draw on a background in code and standards writing, mechanical design, and materials engineering. This is applied in structural integrity evaluations, safety and reliability analyses, evaluating compliance with structural, pressure vessel and occupational safety codes, and evaluating life extension options.

Research and Development

Our R&D program develops new equipment and improved techniques for monitoring the safety and integrity of critical structures and components. Some of the recent advances resulting from these combined R&D efforts include the development of equipment and techniques for the long term remote monitoring of fatigue crack activity on bridges. We are developing instrumentation and systems for process and quality control in the intelligent factory and for intelligent maintenance.